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In bizarre incident, man on Kochi Metro wrongly depicted as drunk; photos go viral

The man was returning home after seeing his brother at a city hospital.

Images of a man stretched out on a Kochi Metro coach posted on social media went viral yesterday after he was depicted as drunk. But the news turned out to be quite false. It was found later that the man was speech and hearing impaired, and had actually fallen asleep, an Indian Express report said. The man has been identified as Eldo from Angamaly in Ernakulam district and was returning home after seeing his brother at a city hospital.

Eldo, who works in Kerala State Headload Workers Welfare Board employee was accompanied by his son Basil. Images of the man have gone viral with the caption, ‘pamp (snake) in metro’, and ‘what should be done with this person who brings a bad name for all Malayalis’. In Kerala, the word ‘pamp’ is used to describe a heavily drunk person.

While speaking to media, Basil said his father had visited General Hospital to see his brother who is battling for his life. “After boarding the metro, he just dozed off and was not drunk”, he said.

“Social platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp are filled with fake news and photos. Not only the persons who create these fake images, even those who forward them are guilty,” Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan was quoted as saying by the paper.

While referring to a similar incident of one Salim in Delhi Metro couple of years back, he said that both persons were victims of human rights violation and public trial. In 2015, a video was uploaded in social media saying the man was apparently drunk. It was later found that the cop had actually had a stroke, report said.

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The State Commissioner For Persons with Disabilities has ordered an investigation into the matter. Commissioner G Harikumar said the cyber cell has been asked to look into the details that led to the circulation of images and their wrong interpretation.