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Katie Price Speaks Out Amid N-Word Backlash, Following Controversial ‘This Morning’ Interview

Katie Price has defended herself, after dividing ‘This Morning’ viewers last week when she said the N-word twice during a live interview.

The former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ winner was speaking to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby about the abuse her teenage son Harvey receives from online trolls on a regular basis.

Claiming punishments were currently too soft, she said: “Is it strong enough to call my son a ‘black, blind n*****’? Is that not abuse?”

Moments later, she repeated the term in reference to the names Harvey is called online, and was scolded by the host, who interjected: “You don’t need to say it again.”

Katie Price on ‘This Morning’ last week

While Katie’s appearance obviously stirred up conversation about online trolling, she also sparked another debate about whether it was appropriate for her to use the offensive racial slur uncensored as a white woman, with pop singer Jamelia and ‘X Factor’ alumna Gifty Louise both admonishing her on social media.

Responding to the backlash in a new interview with The Sun, Katie insisted: “I didn’t plan to say that word on TV, it just happened. But I’m glad people are outraged.

“If they were half as outraged about the abuse my son gets as they are that I used that word, maybe something would be done about it.”

Katie with Harvey and her husband in 2013

Seizing the opportunity to discuss the online abuse towards Harvey, she continued: “He gets called worse things than that every day and it has to stop.

“If a footballer said things like that on a pitch there would be uproar. So why are web trolls OK to say it to an innocent child?

“People take the mickey out of his colour, his disability and his intelligence. He is intelligent, just not in the same way that other people are. Some people have even threatened to hurt him.”

Shortly after her interview on ‘This Morning’, Katie posted a video on Twitter, in which she explained why she used the term, saying: “Yes I used the word n***** because that’s what people call my son.