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Our Toddler President Got To Play In A Big Boy Truck Today — Twitter Reacts!

It’s so crazy that a five-year-old child trapped inside of a 70-year-old’s body can be President! Never stop chasing your dreams, y’all!

Donald Trump had quite the playtime on Thursday when he met with truckers and industry CEOs regarding healthcare — and of course he was sure not to miss a photo op as he hopped behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler, pretending to drive and honking the horn.

THIS is the person we put in charge of our nuclear codes. Just a friendly reminder.

Anyway, Twitter had a field day with Drumpf’s latest antics, which you just gotta see (below)!!

Here we have Donald Trump driving the USA off a cliff
— johnny lawless (@thefxll_) March 23, 2017

As health care vote gets scrapped for tonight, here’s Trump in a big rig on the White House driveway honking the horn & pretending to drive
— Steve Kopack (@SteveKopack) March 23, 2017

US President Donald Trump seems to enjoy his time in the driver’s seat as he welcomes truckers and CEOs to the White House ?
— AFP news agency (@AFP) March 23, 2017

Trump is currently wearing an "I ❤️ TRUCKS" button
— Steve Kopack (@SteveKopack) March 23, 2017

10-4 niner niner, this is The Big Boy. im hauling a big diapey to craptown can you copy that niner niner over
— Eli Terry (@EliTerry) March 23, 2017

Donald Trump "No one knows America like truckers know America."

DeVos to cancel US history in place for kids doing ride alongs in big rigs.
— Tommy Campbell (@MrTommyCampbell) March 23, 2017

My 6 year old son: Is Donald Trump trying to fart?

Me: Looks like he is trying to squeeze one out.
— SpinDoctor (@SpinDr) March 23, 2017

Please direct your attention to this picture of #DonaldTrump driving America off a cliff. God help us!
— ✌?️✌?️✌?️ (@niamarielife) March 23, 2017

Over the Top 2, starring Donald Trump as Michael Cutler
— Jughead (@jugthehead) March 23, 2017

I wish I could enjoy honking a horn like Donald Trump does but I never will because I’m a fucking adult
— ?Joshua Helmer? (@joshuahelmer) March 23, 2017

During the event with truckers, Trump almost had Mike Pence take the photo of him w/ the truckers. Then a staffer rushed over & took the pic
— Steve Kopack (@SteveKopack) March 23, 2017

@SteveKopack He should try the little horsey ride in front of the grocery store — only 25 cents!
— LydiaJoy (@lydiajoy50) March 23, 2017