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‘Ultimate Otaku Teacher’ Manga Ending Soon, But Anime Season 2 Not Yet Announced

Ultimate Otaku Teacher, a very popular Japanese manga, may be racing towards its end. Moreover, Season 2 of the anime that is based on the manga, hasn’t been announced yet.

Fans of Ultimate Otaku Teacher can’t seem to catch a break this week. It appears the popular Japanese manga, written and illustrated by mangaka Takeshi Azuma, is ending. Hawk-eyed fans of the series spotted the indication in the latest chapter of the manga, reported Crunchyroll. A snapshot of the latest chapter’s last page had a pretty clear notification at the end which said: “3 more chapters until the end.” Fans are already speculating that the manga will not last beyond the said three chapters, but a few readers claim that the entire series might not be ending. Instead, the rather simple notification might indicate the current storyline within the ongoing manga is the one that might be wrapping up. It is likely that Ultimate Otaku Teacher’s protagonist, Junichiro Kogami, might be evolving from his role as a teacher.

Ultimate Otaku Teacher manga has been running regularly for the past 6 years. Debuted in 2011, the Japanese series is now up to 25 volumes. The Weekly Shonen Sunday regular also had an anime adaption in 2015. Unfortunately, things aren’t looking great for the anime either. The anime based on the manga hasn’t yet been renewed for a sequel, leaving fans confused about its future.

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Fortunately, the anime scene, in general, has been steadily heating up for the past several weeks. Quite a few popular series have had their season two confirmed. Interestingly, some of the anime have been revived after quite some time. Some of the notable mentions include Blue Exorcist, Overlord, Attack On Titan, My Hero Academia, The Seven Deadly Sins, among a few others.


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Released in Japan as Denpa Kyoushi, Ultimate Otaku Teacher is the story about a Junichiro Kogami, who is purely interested in anime, manga and games. Owing to his utter lack of interest in the real world, his sister is quite angry. Interestingly, Junichiro is no ordinary person. By the age of 17, he has already published numerous scientific papers in renowned and peer-reviewed journals. It is not clear why the brilliant mind suddenly turned towards the mystical and make-believe world of demons, dragons, fairies, magical creatures, and humans with supernatural powers. Although scientifically inclined, Junichiro is no longer interested in writing articles or making scientific discoveries. In essence, he is simply not looking for recognition of the international scientific community or anything else for that matter. Displeased with his attitude, Junichiro’s sister, Suzune, forces him to take up a job as a physics teacher substitute at the same high school from which he graduated.

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Surprisingly, Junichiro manages to become an effective teacher. He proves himself to be a capable and hardworking teacher. Of course, the primary twist in the story is that he skillfully uses unorthodox teaching techniques that are seemingly based on the questionable knowledge he gained as an “otaku”. The comedy anime series is actually about a transformation of a loser into a respected school teacher who teaches and motivates his students in the most unusual, but totally relatable ways.

Interestingly, many fans feel Season 1 of Ultimate Otaku Teacher didn’t manage to capture the essence of the manga very well. Given the fact that many anime are axed after their debut season, it is likely that Junichiro’s relatable story might not see a sequel.

[Featured Image by Takeshi Azuma/Ultimate Otaku Teacher/ Shogakukan]